Hi, my name is Miroslava Škultéty. I’m founder & CEO of Transformira, transformational coach and personal development guide.

I help busy career women to rediscover true happiness, satisfaction and meaningful purpose in life through transformational coaching and personal guidance.



Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, dissatisfied or even depressed?

I know how you feel. I'd been there as well.

Do you desire to be thriving instead of surviving?

Luckily I discovered the tools to breakthrough and transform my life on all levels which I now share with my clients.

Do you need reliable support to help you with fulfilling your dreams?

In the last 5 years I've helped women from all backgrounds to live their ideal lives.

If you answered at least once YES, I've got your back.

How I work with my clients:

STEP 1: Request a DISCOVERY SESSION - so that we can get to know each other better.

STEP 2: Attend the DISCOVERY SESSION - to see if and how I can help you.

STEP 3: Create a CUSTOMIZED PLAN together - to achieve your desired transformation in your life.

The women I coached shared with me that now thanks to working with me they:

😀 get up in the morning happy and looking forward to their day,

🤩 feel good in their own skin,

❤  love their life,

😘 savor deeper connections with their loved ones,

👍 enjoy their mission to serve as a caring, passionate and emphatic leader.


If you procrastinate and carry on living in that vicious cycle what kind of toll it might take on you personally 😥? What might be the consequences in your life 🤒?

The truth is we don't know what we don't know. We can't see our own blind spots 🤨.

That's why, it's absolutely OK, even smart to ask for help and accept it 😉.




From overwhelm, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, depression...

...to happiness, satisfaction, inner fulfillment and meaningful purpose🌟.